The ultimate way to take care of recycled concrete

An important issue for concrete producers is what to do with the return concrete. More and more countries are demanding a plan to reduce waste from concrete production. Both knowledge and products for handling recycled concrete have long been lacking. For many decades, it has damaged the environment and created anxiety and frustration for both manufacturers and end customers. At Thorelund Consulting, we can now contribute both know-how and products to solve this in a good way.

We at Thorelund Consulting work to ensure that the industry stops calling waste concrete waste and instead calls it a potential resource. Through our collaboration with BETONBLOCK®, we have the solution for excess concrete material. Through our solutions, we turn a potential environmental culprit into a resource that benefits both the end customer and the environment. Many concrete plants currently have a recycling plant, but these plants cannot process the sufficient amount. If you combine a recycling plant with this type of product, you can maximize the use and handling of the residual product.

Areas of use

  • Effective way to replace L-support / T-support.
  • Horizontal silo
  • Temporary walls
  • Mobile storage compartments for the recycling industry
  • Machine hall
  • Leveling plates
  • Barrier elements for road closures
  • Concrete sows


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This is how Betonblock works

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