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6 of our most common products and services


A company has decided to start manufacturing its own concrete, but has no previous experience. In cases like these we have often assisted in finding the right equipment for the right purpose, advise in how to make the business profitable and how to get the right quality of the end product.


The customer has already acquired equipment but for some reason does not have the right knowledge in the area. We assist and help the customer to speed up their business, by contributing with, for example, training, division of responsibilities or adjustments of the business.


A common problem is that the daily operations do not work satisfactorily. This can be either for the company itself of for their end client. In cases like these we can be contacted to help resolve the situation.


Almost all concrete manufactured in Sweden must be certified. The task of certifying a company's operations in concrete manufacturing isn't simple, and this is where we excel. We assist our customers with the preparations before an upcoming certification.

Mobile concrete stations

We have been working with mobile concrete stations since 2006 and therefore have extensive experience and knowledge in this type of manufacturing equipment. We are resellers for some of the largest players in the market and can offer the right equipment for your company packaged with the knowledge of how to manufacture concrete in the right way.

Concrete blocks

An extremely strong trend in the area of concrete is to work with so-called concrete lego. Thorelund consulting is a proud reseller of this world-leading orange product from Betonblock in Holland. We have helped many companies to play with Lego and can help your company also!

Buying a concrete plant?

We'll help you through the entire process from selection of equipment to production start. With our extensive experience we'll make sure you get a pain free procurement process when selecting equipment.

Thorelund Consulting has worked with most major suppliers of manufacturing equipment around the world.

We call it a rock solid solution...

Our expertise is concrete and mobile concrete stations

Andreas Thorelund, owner and founder of Thorelund consulting has been elected chairman of the Swedish Mobile Concrete Association by the association's members. We consider this to be the absolute finest award you can get ...